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New Beginnings!

Welcome to our first post and blog of the new year!

It has been a very mixed year for us all, whether you are a business or an individual.  2021 has been a trying year, to say the least.

Therefore, how do we move on from this? My new motto for this year, whether in my business life or personal life, will still be the same. It is “Onwards and upwards!”. Yes, it is not a new saying, but I believe that I need it for this year!

Moving on from a year that has seen so many indecisive actions, not knowing the plans that you worked hard to create and to put into place, whether they can be actioned. Basically, it is not knowing. My attitude going forward is whatever is put in my pathway, I will attempt to move it, go around it, go over it, do whatever it takes, but it will be “onwards and upwards”!

To help me do this, I will start by taking tiny steps, one step at a time. Why not start by celebrating and being grateful for all our blessings however big or small.

If this seems to be a bit difficult, why not start the year by celebrating one of the many events that January has to offer? January is a popular month to start so many new habits, routines or new hobbies.

Did you know that the following events occur in January? They are:

  • Veganuary month
  • National Hobby month
  • Get a Balanced month
  • National Clean up your Computer month
  • International Creativity month
  • Get Organised month
  • Celebration of Life month
  • International Brainteaser month
  • National Oatmeal month
  • National Be Kind to Food Servers month
  • National Hot Tea month
  • National Soup month


The list is filled with varied activities of fun things, health things, serious things, kind things. Just pick one and start celebrating! And of course, enjoy it and have fun! This is about you and how you intend to start your year.

Remember, onwards and upwards!

Tips & Tricks for Halloween

Yes, Halloween is right round the corner.  For most, we missed out on hosting a Halloween party or trick or treating last year due to COVID-19.

For those, who have hosting a Halloween party high on your agenda, here is a quick guide to hosting a simple yet fantastic party!  A party that plans for both adults and children is worth the mix.  Remember, the trick is all in the details.

A party is never a party without these main ingredients:


  • VENUE:

Most likely, your venue will be at home.  If it’s not, the same guide applies.



What’s your theme?  If it’s just going to be a  general spooky theme (as we are all just grateful that we can celebrate), just make it spooky and scary (not too scary if some of your guests are very young!).

Decorations can be as simple as a Halloween wreath on the front door or as elaborate as themed everything: balloons, hanging decorations, dressed table and tableware, mechanical mummies and skeletons, scary doorbell, pumpkins everywhere (real or/and fake), fake eyeballs falling out from every object or orifice.

Tip:  If you are unable to get your preferred decorations, use black or orange streamers, balloons (latex and foil) and garlands.  They will work just as well.  Also, they can be reused next year!


  • FOOD:

Simple is best.  If you are making your own food for your Halloween party, choose simple finger foods.  Pizzas, mini burgers, sandwiches cut in spooky shapes, hot dogs (with the sausages to look like fingers), vegetable sticks, crisps, and sweet treats, eg. Cupcakes, cookies, fruits.  These are all just quick ideas.

Tip:  If you are short on time, pop to the supermarket and buy your party foods!  Most supermarkets have a party food section which will definitely be useful.



Fruit juices, squash, fizzy drinks (hey, it’s a party!) and water are all options.  For older children, jugs of drinks or small cartons of juices can be placed on the table for self-service (which is also easier on the host).

Tip:  If your guests are younger, why not use party cups with lids and straws.  It greatly reduces waste and spillages.  [Take a look at some of our party boxes for ideas.]



Are you just going to keep it simple and just a playlist of your favourite music (including spooky, scary music – it is Halloween after all!)?  Or will it be a creating party e.g. carve a pumpkin, paint a pumpkin (ceramic or papier mache)?  Or will you have activities such as apple bobbing, pin the teeth on the vampire (or your version), witch hat ring toss, to name a few.

Tip:  For your very young guests, get some Halloween colouring sheets (there are lots to be found online that are free), or simple art (painting on plain A4 paper/card), creating Halloween cards with glitter pumpkin and bat stickers and simple A4 cards, folded into halves or quarters.



The world is your oyster!  Have fun with this.  Let your guests come in their favourite fancy dress or your chosen theme!

Tip:  To add a bit more fun, why not run a competition to find the best dressed (or worse dressed!) Halloween costume?

Simple Party Planning!

Planning a party can be very stressful. I have been planning parties for several years for of course, my two lovely children, their schools as well as other events. With my children’s birthdays being just 9 days apart, and both having very different tastes, I can tell you that it has not always been plain sailing!

Anyone who has been in a similar situation, you will know how useful having a party planner checklist can be!

I am sharing my very simple party planning checklist to help you start preparing for that long awaited birthday party for your little ones. Have fun planning!

If anyone wants a copy, put “I want a party!” in the Contact Us form, and I will contact you with the details.