Don’t get caught out!

With so many upcoming happy occasions and events, you want to enjoy it all and most likely create those lasting memories of these joyous celebrations. Well, that’s my way of thinking.

Some of these events come yearly (Uh-hm small hint here, birthdays, anniversaries), whereas some are truly one of a kind (like milestone birthdays and anniversaries)!

Don’t get caught out! You know that these occasions will be coming up soon. You don’t want to be mired in worry and anxiety about planning these occasions.  

That’s why get ahead and start organising and planning your special occasions now. The good news is that there are benefits to prepping early. What are these benefits I hear you ask?

Here are the main ones:

  • Being able to get replacements in time

Prepping early means if you are unfortunate to have your entertainment or venue or catering companies cancel, you will have ample time to get a replacement.

  • To be able to refine and improve

Starting to organise early, means you’ll have time to swap out or even change ideas. You can continue to refine and improve the finer details until nearer the date.

  • Get the bookings you want

Oh, this is a big one! Getting started early means, you will have an easier time booking the venue or the entertainment or the catering that you wanted! 

  • Get that date you want 

If you want a specific date, inform your family and friends as soon as possible. That way, no one will arrange their party on “your” day (hopefully) and they will save the date knowing that there will be a big celebration on that date.

  • Get the guest list that you want

You know that you have a very special occasion coming up and you want your close family and friends to attend. Again, let them know as early as possible. How disappointing will it be if they were unable to attend to share your special occasion?


If you prepare for your big event in advance, all that you need to be concerned about is making magical memories of your special day. How wonderful is that?!   😉