New Beginnings!

Welcome to our first post and blog of the new year!

It has been a very mixed year for us all, whether you are a business or an individual.  2021 has been a trying year, to say the least.

Therefore, how do we move on from this? My new motto for this year, whether in my business life or personal life, will still be the same. It is “Onwards and upwards!”. Yes, it is not a new saying, but I believe that I need it for this year!

Moving on from a year that has seen so many indecisive actions, not knowing the plans that you worked hard to create and to put into place, whether they can be actioned. Basically, it is not knowing. My attitude going forward is whatever is put in my pathway, I will attempt to move it, go around it, go over it, do whatever it takes, but it will be “onwards and upwards”!

To help me do this, I will start by taking tiny steps, one step at a time. Why not start by celebrating and being grateful for all our blessings however big or small.

If this seems to be a bit difficult, why not start the year by celebrating one of the many events that January has to offer? January is a popular month to start so many new habits, routines or new hobbies.

Did you know that the following events occur in January? They are:

  • Veganuary month
  • National Hobby month
  • Get a Balanced month
  • National Clean up your Computer month
  • International Creativity month
  • Get Organised month
  • Celebration of Life month
  • International Brainteaser month
  • National Oatmeal month
  • National Be Kind to Food Servers month
  • National Hot Tea month
  • National Soup month


The list is filled with varied activities of fun things, health things, serious things, kind things. Just pick one and start celebrating! And of course, enjoy it and have fun! This is about you and how you intend to start your year.

Remember, onwards and upwards!